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Research Projects

Creative Food Research Collaboratory

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The Creative Food Research Collaboratory (CFRC) was Co-initiated in 2022 by myself and Dr. Zoë Heyn-Jones with Research Associates Anahí González and Katie Lawson.

The Creative Food Research Collaboratory foregrounds collaboration as methodology and seeks to cultivate networks and structures that will allow collaborative artistic practices and knowledge mobilization strategies around food issues to take root and flourish.

This project is funded in part by a SSHRC Insight Development grant, and germinates collaborations at the intersection of art and food studies, exploring how the arts can imagine—and therefore help to achieve—food security, food sovereignty, and food justice in Canada.


Centre for Sustainable Curating


Ecologies in Practice

Ecologies in Practice: Environmetally Engaged Art in Canada, Co-Edited with Elysia French

Forthcoming from Wilfrid Laurier University Press (Environmetal Humanities inprint) 2024. 

Ecologies in Practice is an edited collection exploring the ways in which the arts participate in emerging environmentally focused interdisciplinary fields, such as the Environmental Humanities. The dynamic and multi-formatted contributions in this volume examine what creative practice and visual language lend to these vital conversations, and how the arts and artistic practitioners share environmental knowledge.


Hungry Stories/
Stuffing the Bus

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Stuffing the bus is a middle grade graphic novel about food security and its systemic roots, written as an engaging story of two friends who love cats, comics, and snacks, and their journey in learning about this complicated topic.
“When Mila’s best friend Kit gobbled three bananas in a row, she thought rude was just plain rude. But gradually Mila begins to understand that rude can also be hungry.”

 Written by author Dian Day, and developed in collaboration with the reserch team hungry stories including myself, Dian Day, Elaine Power, Jennifer Brady and Jennifer Black.

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