Publication Now Available in Paperback:

Why Look at Plants? By Giovannoe Aloi (and including a chapter I wrote about pirate radio, art and plants) is now available in paperback, there is a special price of $25(us/euro) until the end of October only. It will return to $65 in November.

You can order it here:

Oct 2019

Upcoming Workshop: 

Dandelion Variations: Canning Workshop and Conversation

Amanda White and Rav Singh
August 12, 2019
Studio.89, 1065 Canadian Pl #104, Mississauga, ON
Please register online here.

Beginning with a tasting of dandelion-based preserves and pickles, participants will learn a variety of uses and recipes for this common plant along with an introduction to food preservation. Amanda White will demonstrate the basics of hot water bath canning, using a dandelion jelly recipe that is inspired by her great grandmother’s recipe for dandelion wine, with foraged ingredients. This will be followed by a discussion of sustainable agriculture and urban food security featuring White in dialogue with Rav Singh, Urban Agriculture Coordinator, Ecosource.
As part of the SDUK prgramming at Blackwood Gallery, MIssissauga, For more information about SDUK programs visit 

July 2019

New Book Project - Call for Contributions:

In collaboration with scholar Elysia French (Post-doctoral Fellow, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University), we are seeking contributions for an edited anthology: Making Eco(ogical): Locating the Arts in the Environmental Humanities in Canada

“Bringing together diverse perspectives from artists, scholars, activists, curators, theorists, and makers, Making (Eco)Logical will locate artistic practice within the Environmental Humanities and explore the ways in which cultural production informs perceptions, communications, and knowledge of environmental distress in a Canadian context. The book will address what the arts can do; what making can make, and perhaps what it cannot, in the context of current environmental conversations.”

More info:


Jan 2019


Small Arms Inspection Building /
City of MIssissauga

Public Volumes 
April 6 - May 5

Curated by: Noa Bronstein

Joi T. Arcand
Cathy Busby
soJin Chun
Stephanie Comilang
Sheena Hoszko
Germaine Koh
HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander
Morris Lum
Dawit L. Petros
jes sachse
Kara Springer
Amanda White

Jan 2019

Chapter (publication):

“Plant Radio” (P. 198-203) in:

Why Look at Plants?

The Botanical Emergence in Contemporary Art by Giovanni Aloi
Jan 2019

Project Update

Thrilled to have received funding from the Toronto Arts coucil to
continue work on my Project: Re-Writing the Wild over the next year. 
Equally thrilled to be working on the book designs with Tetyana Herych of Furrawn Press.

Dec 2018