Amanda White

Portfolio of artwork and current research projects



Adopt-A-Plant was developed during the Neighborhood spaces residency (Broken City Lab, Art Council Windsor and Region) and took place in a booth at the Downtown Windsor farmer’s market each Saturday alongside the other market vendors. Visitors to the market were encouraged to participate in the project by bringing in plants that they may not want, need, or have space for. Plants ranging from extra numbers of vegetable seedlings to perennial cuttings to thirty-year-old house-plants were all placed in our care. As the facilitators of Adopt-A-Plant, it was our task to find new homes for hundreds of plants over the course of the project. When the plants were put up for adoption their individual histories were paraphrased from their previous owners onto information cards so that their new owners would not only have a better understanding of the needs and care required for their plant, but also an understanding of its personal history which could be carried forward into its new life.