Soil Work

A series of Projects with Alana Bartol as The Deep Earth Treatment Centre (DETC) from 2014-2017, exploring relationships between humans and soil through projects, interactions and interventions .

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VIEW PDF- Notes from the Deep Earth Treatment Centre” Chapter for edited volume: Naturally Post-Natural: Jennifer Willet, ed. by Ted Heibert. Noxious Sector Press, 2018

The Soil is Teeming With Life, 2015

5min Animation with Alana Bartol:

Some soil microbe drawings to be animated, pen and ink on paper, 2015

Meditation On Soil

  Students were led through a meditation on soil. Pillows filled with soil were provided for participants to sit on. The meditation reflected on the living components of soil, while exploring our psychological associations with dirt.  


The Dream Experiment at The Banff Centre, 2015

We collected soil from three significant sites in Banff, Alberta. Over the course of a week, participants in this "experiment" were asked to place a test tube filled with soil under their pillow and record their dreams. Drawings, notes and other thoughts were recorded in notebooks that were shared in a night of readings. Participants can remain anonymous. This work investigates whether soil and place are connected to dreaming. 

Life in the Soil 2017

Event Website:

Life in the Soil was a 3-day interdisciplinary event, presented by The Deep Earth Treatment Centre (DETC) Amanda White and Alana Bartol in collaboration with Jennifer Willet and the Incubator Lab . The event aimed to encourage public engagement and cross-disciplinary dialogue through talks, workshops, and participatory artworks towards deepening our relationship with and understanding of the complexity of living soil and its importance to all life on earth.