Series of projects including; drawings, animation, events and happenings around or relationship to soil. Here are some examples:

The Soil Is Teeming With Life, 2015

Animation, 5min, Drawings (Ink and Watercolour on Paper) A series of drawings and animations of nematodes, bacteria, arthropods and other living organisms that make soil their home.
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The Dream Experiment at The Banff Centre, 2015

  The Deep Earth Treatment Centre has collected soil from three significant sites in Banff, Alberta. Over the course of a week, participants in this "experiment" have been asked to place a test tube filled with soil under their pillow and record their dreams. Drawings, notes and other thoughts can be included. Participants can remain anonymous. This work investigates the composition of soil from various locations in Banff and its connections to place and dreaming.
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Dirt Don't Hurt, 2014

  Students in the Bioart: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences course at the University of Windsor were led through a meditation on soil and dirt. Pillows filled with soil were provided for participants to sit on. The meditation reflected on the living components of soil, while exploring our psychological associations with dirt.  
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The Deep Earth Treatment Centre stages projects, interactions and interventions exploring relationships between human bodies and soil. It is a collaborative project by Amanda White and Alana Bartol.