EventBrite_Banner_LifeInTheSoil March 7-9th, 2017; Life in the Soil is a 3-day interdisciplinary event presented in collaboration between myself, Jennifer Willet and Alana Bartol, hosted by the INCUBATOR Lab at the School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor. Life in the Soil will feature Interactive workshops, excursions, and participatory discussions led by artists, activists, farmers, and scholars who are each invested in the scientific, indigenous, embodied and practical knowledge about the vital nature of soils. See the event website here for more details, workshop schedule, and registration information:


  Life in the Soil is the inaugural event of the five year research-creation project Bioart: Collaborating with Life; funded by the SSHRC insight program and led by Dr. Jennifer Willet in collaboration with Artists Alana Bartol and Amanda White. As the first in a series of annual events, we begin with a workshop involving presentations and activities that will connect participants to the liveness of soil; highlight art and science and indigenous perspectives on soil, and explore the ethics of interspecies collaborations.