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Frugivore - Greenhouse Documentation from CUICI on Vimeo.
Botanical Animal from natalieecuad on Vimeo.

Frugivore is an ongoing project, in which I attempt to communicate biologically with tomato plants by revisiting a mutual relationship that exists between mammals and their food. To do this, I am growing plants from the seeds of cherry tomatoes that I first purchased from the grocery store, then ate, and deposited in my waste. The seeds were then harvested from my waste and grown into fruiting plants. I am continuing the cycle by eating and growing further generations of the same tomatoes. This project illustrates the process of seed scarification; the way in which seeds travel through the digestive system of an animal in order to be broken down and prepared for germination and growth.
Frugivore emphasizes our human bodies as animal bodies, with the potential to perform similar tasks and behave symbiotically with other organisms in our environment.