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FARMY is a community-wide interactive project that takes place during the spring and summer seasons. The project playfully uses the language and tactics of war to address issues of land use, public space, and the local food economy within large metropolitan cities. Small parachute troopers -copied from children’s toys and cast in a clay, compost and seed mixture- are deployed throughout the city. These ‘troop movements’ and ‘engagements’ (i.e. successful seeding) are documented and the materials and documentary are presented as part of an installation. The ‘drop’ positions of the Paratroops are flagged on a large-scale map with coding to indicate the type of seed that was carried by each trooper. Over the course of the project, the map becomes increasingly full and transform into an agricultural map of the city. The purpose of the project however, is not to literally plant the seeds, but to instigate community involvement, while metaphorically reclaiming public space via the war metaphor. FARMY will be deployed in spaces with the intention to promote/reclaim local food use and public space, respectively.

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