Thursday June 12, 2014, 6:30pm: Free Public Event – All are welcome! Join Rashel Tremblay from Locally Germinated who will take us on a guided tour of our local edible flora! This tour will also include a custom field-guide made by Neighborhood Spaces artist-in-Residence Amanda White. Locally Germinated is a farmer’s cooperative, established in 2011 using a community Supported Agriculture model (or CSA) they provide fresh, ecologically-grown food to the Windsor-Essex Chatham-Kent area.  www.locallygerminated.wordpress.com Foraging workshop single web rashel-tremblay-showing-lambs-quarters foragingguide  

Link to Foraging Guidebook PDF:



Friday June 20th, 5:30pm - ACWR, 1902 Wyandotte St E. Strawberries are in season in Windsor!  Join Neighborhood Spaces artist in residence Amanda White and Melissa Jane Taylor of Oh My Goodness Food Co. for a Canning basics and strawberry jam-making extravaganza! Melissa Jane Taylor is the woman behind the Oh My Goodness food Co., Continuing her family tradition of making preserves, all Oh My Goodness products are hand-made by Melissa in small batches using local, Ontario-grown produce and seasonal ingredients. You can find Melissa’s pickles, preserves and granola at the Downtown Windsor Farmers Market, or check out her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OhMyGoodnessFoodCo strawberry jam workshop web
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Wednesday June 11, 2014 1:30pm: Grandma’s Apple Pie – baking treats from family recipes At Windsor Residence Artists Lydia Burggraaf and  Amanda White explore their respective family histories in Windsor and Essex county though their Grandmother's and Great-Grandmother's recipes. This workshop will take you along on Lydia’s endeavor to re-create her Oma’s apple pie. Lydia has been developing her pie-making skills under her Oma’s guidance for three years now but the legacy is threatened by popular taste in apples which has caused the specific apple variety required to become increasingly less available.
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Baby Food Making at the Windsor Youth Centre With Chef Julie Myers from Thyme To Go

Cultivating Windsor is a project established by Neighborhood Spaces artist in residence Amanda White that seeks to facilitate exchanges and explorations around local knowledge about gardening, food cultivation and processing in Windsor-Essex County.