My essay: Notes from the Deep Earth Treatment Centre with appendix and images by Alana Bartol is included in Naturally Postnatural: Catalyst Jennifer Willet, Part of the Catalyst books series by Noxious Sector Press.

PDF version of the book is available for free download Via their website:


More about the Catalyst series:

"Catalyst books build speculative communities, inviting a wide range of perspectives into conversations about shared artistic, political, and intellectual values while privileging the unique, distinct and personal insights that characterize any single voice of engagement. Each volume in the series provides an in-depth look at a catalyst -- a thinker or artist who is actively working -- seeking after the full relevance of their (usually relatively recent) work in the present moment. The collected essays and artistic responses of the volume speculate on the interpretive possibilities inspired by the catalyst's work, and situate it in the contingencies of the present. The series focuses in particular on voices that have not already been widely featured but who have unique and relevant perspectives to share on questions of art, theory and culture."